How many documents are included in the download?

Just Two. A pre-written business plan file and a financial workbook.

What software do I need to use Perfect Little Business Plan?

PC: Use Microsoft Office Word and Excel.

Mac: Use either iWork Pages and Numbers, or Office for Mac Word and Excel.

Or, you may be interested in the PDF Version.

How does it work?

Download the documents.
Open the business plan file in MS Office Word or iWork Pages.
Choose the professionally pre-written content that works best for you.
Customize any sections as desired. (Add/Revise/Customize/Delete)
Drag & Drop images where prompted (optional).
Complete your financial sections (in Pages, Numbers or Excel)
Save, Print, or Email. Done!
Revisit and revise the document whenever necessary.

Is the business plan for a product based business or a service based business?

It contains content and verbiage for both. Just choose the content that works best for you.

Does this template prompt me with questions?

No. This template is not a survey or questionnaire. It is a real, pre-written professional business plan that you customize and make your own. If you are looking for the proper verbiage, with sophistication, professionalism and polish, we’ve got you covered. Choose the content that works for your company and delete the parts that are not relevant to your business.

What sections are included in the business plan?

Review the business plan outline here >>


Which financial tables and charts are included?

Review the business plan financials here >>


Are the financials in a separate document, like Excel or Numbers?

iWork Users

iWork Pages: The business plan file in Pages includes all of the financial charts and tables, with pre-programmed formulas and can be edited in this document. You may use this one single document for everything.

iWork Numbers: The full financial workbook is provided in Numbers, for those who prefer working in Numbers, with pre-programmed formulas. However, the Pages document has all of the formulas and calculations included as well.

Office Users

MS Office Word: The business plan file in Word includes all of the financial charts and tables, however, it does NOT include formulas. We experienced issues and complications when testing and saving with different version of Word when we included formulas or linked to Excel. The tables can receive manual data, or you can copy or link the Excel data to your Word document.

MS Office Excel: The full financial workbook is provided in Excel, with pre-programmed formulas for the tables and charts.


Do the financial tables and charts have formulas?

Yes. (Pages, Numbers, Excel)
The financial sections and workbooks have pre-formatted formulas. You will not need to do the calculations yourself. Just enter your data (sales, costs, salaries, expenses) and the worksheets will populate the cells that have formulas.

Please note that the Word document’s financial tables do not have formulas. (see previous question)


Does the business plan contain content for securing a loan?

Yes. Bank loan proposal, bank loan application, and investment proposal, are all included.


Is this business plan international?

Our document is provided in English and is formatted for US businesses. However, customers around the world have found great value in our business plan template.


What if I have trouble editing the document?

Not a wiz with iWork or Office? Not a problem. You will have a direct link to the troubleshooting section of our website that can give you helpful tips and tricks to make your business plan perfect.

What makes it “perfect?”

You do! We provide the proper language, the expected format, the required content, and you customize it, making it the perfect business plan for you.

How is it “little?”
Although the document is 60 pages, and the financials are comprehensive, we call it “little” because the download is simple and easy and the file sizes are small. One main business plan document (and one supplemental financial workbook), so you can get straight to it. View Table of Contents to see what is included.