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Easy to update

The Business Plan document was created in iWork Pages. The document is prepared in a template-style, with prewritten content for you to consider and personalize as needed. Recommended text or sample content show as [ brackets that light-up blue ] which can be overwritten with your custom entry.

You may customize ANY and ALL sections of the business plan. There are helpful notes with tips, tricks, and definitions embedded in the margins, making you confident with your content.

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Tables and Charts - included!

In the iWork version, all financial tables and charts are included, with pre-programmed formulas, right in the Pages file. You can use this single document for your entire plan! Simply add your financial data into the fields to make it perfect for you.

We've also included a Numbers document with the same tables and charts. If you are more comfortable using Numbers for your financials, this makes it easy.


Using iWork '13?

These iWork documents were created in Pages and Numbers using iWork '09 - and they are compatible with iWork '13!

You will be prompted to upgrade the documents to iWork'13 once you begin to edit.

There will be some features that are dropped due to the different format.

However, the content is the same, and there is still some impressive flexibility using iWork '13.

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