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Easy to update

The Business Plan document was created in Microsoft Office Word. The document is prepared in template-style, with prewritten content for you to consider and personalize as needed. Recommended text or sample content is offered in [ brackets that light-up blue ] that can be overwritten with your custom entry. You may customize ANY and ALL sections of the business plan.

There are helpful notes with tips, tricks, and definitions embedded in the margins, making you confident with your content.

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Tables and Charts - included!

Tables and charts are included in the Word document, however, they do not have formulas. There were issues and complications with different versions of Word, so we decided to include an Excel document with all of the calculations and formulas, and the user can decide whether to copy & paste the tables and charts into the document; or use the Excel document separately. This allows for greater flexibility and less bugs and problems between Word versions.

The Excel file has all of the financial tables and charts. Easy to update and customize, all of the formulas and calculations are pre-programmed for your convenience. The charts and tables are designed and formatted to fit into the business plan document.


Maximum Compatibility - suitable for:

Microsoft Office Word for Windows .doc Format is compatible with Word 97 through Word 2003 for Windows, or newer

Microsoft Office Excel for Windows .xlsx Format is compatible with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 for Windows, or newer

Microsoft Word for Mac .doc Format is compatible with Word 98 through Word 2004 for Mac; Word for Mac 2011, Version 14.0

Microsoft Excel for Mac .xlsx Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac; Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011, Version 14.0

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