Tales of a Sole Proprietor: Equifax

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Tales of a Sole Proprietor: Equifax

My identity was recently tampered with, potentially stolen (still under investigation), so my first go-to action was to gauge against anyone trying to access my personal credit, again. I went to the Equifax website to set up an account, but I was unable to answer the security questions with the “right” answer. I did not open a mortgage in 2008, nor did I finance an automobile in 2012, but those were the questions that I did not have the “correct” answers to. (Because someone else was trying to get credit using my name and social security number.) Although I was giving the right answer, “none of the above,” the website denied my access to setup an account. So, I called them directly and was able to do so over the phone because I was able to provide very personal, correct details regarding my identity.

I was sold a product that actually did not truly assist me in clearing up my problem, so 15 days into my monthly subscription, I decided that I would cancel the service and continue to resolve my problem through another venue. I have no issue with Equifax in this regard; I am happy to pay a full month’s subscription price for this service, and while the product was not useful for my particular circumstances, it was a good product otherwise.
Product: Equifax ID Patrol® Complete $16.95
So now – the dreaded cancellation.


There are many phone numbers on the Equifax website, but I searched and found one specifically for Product Cancellation.


equifax number


I called on Tuesday, March 29th and reached a customer service representative who transferred my call. I was on-hold for 41 minutes before I had to terminate the call. I was calling long distance from the UK and the 866 number was not toll-free for me.


I called customer service on Friday, April 1st and was on-hold for 39 minutes. Again, I terminated the call. I cannot stay on-hold forever.


equifax on-hold


On Monday, April 4th I called customer service again. This time I had access to my laptop and used my google voice account so I would not be charged for the call. I was on-hold for over 44 minutes before I finally gave up. On this same day I emailed them pleading for assistance. I used the email address that they provided in my confirmation email.


Will they cancel my subscription per my request, or will they charge me again next month? Should I officially send them this letter (below)?


Dear Equifax,
Thank you for providing products and services that make us feel safe and allow us to monitor and improve our credit score in this crazy world. I recently purchased a product that I no longer need and wish to cancel my subscription, well in advance of its renewal date. After calling your customer service and being on-hold for hours, I am feeling a little disappointed. I am not looking for a refund, just simply a cancellation.
With my identity and high quality credit recently under threat, I am feeling a little vulnerable. After trying for days to cancel my Equifax service and not being able to, I am feeling a bit frustrated. 
* Although my account is online, complete with my credit card payment details, 20 years of credit history, and a username and password to access this account, why can’t I cancel my subscription from my online account? That would be very convenient. Do you want to make things difficult, requiring a phone call instead?
* Do you put me on-hold for such a long time so I will just hang-up, and continue to subscribe to your service, against my will?
Surely, there is a way to make many of your already victimized customers feel confident and not ripped off. Can you please improve your cancellation process?
Thank you!
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