Unconventional Wisdom: Don’t buy a house or go to college

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Unconventional Wisdom: Don’t buy a house or go to college 

Say what?

Your entire life you were told that home ownership and a good (purchased) education were the keys to success and happiness. These two things were indications that you had done things correctly. This is the American Dream.

But it is 2016, and neither of these goals are worthy of anything. Don’t get me wrong. I went to university, got a pricy education, worked two jobs to qualify for a home, and paid a high mortgage. Constantly stressing that everything could be taken away in seconds – because it can. That’s how the market and our society is set up. I bought into it – but now, I’m out.

  • Renting a home I could never afford to buy is lovely.
  • Traveling to new lands, after giving a 30-day notice is freedom.
  • Working for myself and owning my own business means my education no longer has to impress (or disappoint) any recruiter or future employer.
  • Knowing that learning and education are so readily and easily available at no cost is amazing!

Stop your conventional thinking that ties you to the modern slave trade. Free yourself!


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posted: 21 January 2016
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